Mini Power Generator

Compact  Low-vibration Quiet  Powerful


The advanced version of G12,

features lower noise and lower vibration. It's suitable for various installation conditions so it can shorten the introductory period.


Suit for the high speed RPM equipment, small volume to fit it,remain low noise and low vibration while generator is working under high speed RPM


Suit for the low speed RPM equipment, generate sufficient power while dynamo is working under low speed RPM

P12S / P6 

power controller down board


Input From G12S

Output DC5V / 300mA

             DC3V / 200mA

Run Output DC5V / 300mA 
                     @G12S 500rpm


Input From G6

Output DC5V / 300mA

             DC3V / 200mA

Run Output pin1. DC5V / 300mA

                              @G6 250rpm

        Output pin2. DC5V / 1000mA

                              @G6 750rpm

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